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Polish Beer (Piwo)

16.9 Ounces for $6

This is a very pale lager, refreshing on the palate with a distinct malty sweetness accompanied by mild complementary bitterness. 5.6% ABV

16.9 Ounces for $6

Another fairly strong pale, golden lager with sweet malt on the palate and some refreshing bitterness on the finish. Look for the flavors of the fire-roasted malts. 5.9% ABV

16.9 Ounces for $6

A slightle deeper golden pale lager with subdued hops. Perilously easy to drink at a hefty 6.0% ABV.

Warka Strong
16.9 Ounces for $6

The Polish nobleman Kazimierz Pulaski (1745-1779) was a hero of the American Revolution and native of the town of Warka. A dark European lager with some roasted malt aromas and sweetness. A good pairing with weightier Polish foods. 7.0% ABV

Hevelius Kaper
16.9 Ounces for $6

Named for astronomer Joahnnes Hevelius (1611-1687) who catalogued some 1500 stars. Copper to amber in color and fairly sweet but with a clean finish. The high alcohol will be a warming part of the mouthfeel. 8.70% ABV

Zywiec Porter
16.9 Ounce for $6

A very dark beer in the Baltic tradition. Flavors of roasted malts, currants and chocolate. A clean finish for such a complex beer. 9.5% ABV

Grand Imperial
16.9 Ounce for $6

Poland-Baltic Porter. Pours a very dark brown-black color. Aromas of burnt sugar, plum, fig, roast coffee and dark chocolate. Aromas carry to the flavors showing lots of dark chocolate, roast coffee, and dark fruits. Smooth feel. Long, bitter finish.

Black Boss Porter
16.9 Ounce for $6

Flavor is lightly sweet and slightly bitter. Tastes of dark roasted malt, chocolate, light bitter coffee, light caramel, slight licorice, and a hint of wood. Medium to full body. Pours very dark brown/ruby in color. 9.4% A nice Baltic Porter.

Red Wine (Czerwone Wino)

We offer a variety of red wines from local wineries such as Trium, Pebblestone and Ledger David.

White Wine (Biale Wino)

We offer a variety of white wines from local wineries such as Pebblestone and Ledger David.

Polish Liquor (Nalewka) $9

A sweet old-fashioned Polish after dinner liquor served either hot or cold. Flavors include: Raspberry, Black Currant, Cherry, Blackberry, Red Grape, Peach and Honey

Coffee (Kawa) $2

Regular of Decaf - 100% Certified Organic

Inka - Kawa Zbozowa

Caffeine-Free Polish Coffee. Made from Polish Wheat and Chicory.

Tea (Herbata) $2

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