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Meet the Owner!

Aniela was born and raised in Ashland, OR with her two older brothers. They grew up in a multicultural household; experiencing Polish culture, as well as enjoying the Oregonian way of life.

Aniela loves all of mom's traditional foods and appreciates the fact that Julek's supports local and does not support GMO products. She hopes everyone will come enjoy Julek's authentic flavors and will see Julek's as a home-style kitchen because the food is identical to what the kids grew up on at home!

Bogusia was born and raised in Darłowo, Poland. She spent her summers at her aunt's farm where she learned about the importance and significance of farm-fresh produce and dairy. At home, she grew up with her parents, two brothers and one sister. She has always had a passion for cooking and learned the trade from her mother, grandmother, aunt and many other influencal figures in her life.

She hopes to bring her customers authentic Polish meals, while still staying true to local farmers & businesses in the Rogue Valley.

Here is the owner & chef, Bogusia (on the right) and her daughter, Aniela (on the left). These ladies manage & run Julek's, always trying to make you, the customers, satisfied & happy!

If you have any questions, suggestions, etc., please let them know

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160 N Pacific Hwy

Suite #4

Talent, OR

541 897 4444


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