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Julek's Polish Kitchen 

Come to Julek's and enjoy healthy, delectable Polish entrees!


​Julek’s Polish Kitchen is a family run establishment with the desire to bring you quality, wholesome food. We strive to support our local farmers throughout the seasons. Our goal is to introduce you to the authentic flavors and styles of our family’s heritage. Please join us in our kitchen.

We use ORGANIC ingredients when possible (which is a lot!)


We support NON GMO foods and will NEVER purchase a GMO crop!


We make food from SCRATCH, the old-fashioned way, and do not cut corners!


ALL of our meats are ALWAYS hormone and antibiotic free!


Our chicken is FREE RANGE as well!


We offer VEGETARIAN dishes and can accomodate to vegan and gluten-free needs, just call a couple of days in advance!


disclaimer: although we are able to make some of our specialties gluten-free, we cannot guarantee that there is absolutely no gluten in the meal. Our kitchen uses flour as well as other gluten products daily so there is a possibilty of  gluten cross-contamination.


The name "Julek" refers to the owner's (Bogusia's) father's nickname. Julek roughly translates into "big heart" because he was loved so much by his family and community.


Tomasz Uminski was a great father and husband, always looking out for the interest of others.


He was the first person to own a car in their town; in fact, even people in surrounding towns did not have cars yet. He had always had a great passion for vehicles as well. This inevitably led to him opening a cab driving service, helping people travel from town to town.

When he was younger, he also updated from candles and installed electricity into his parent's homestead, which led to their family home & barn being the first in the village with electricity.


He was a very caring man, who sadly passed away in 2010.


This restaurant is named in his honor, for he was always looking out for the better of the community, which is what our goal is as well.


Our restaurant values his morals and hopes to carry on his legacy.



"Julek's owner Bogusia purchases produce directly from local farmers and prepared foods from area artisans. Taylor's Sausage in Cave Junction currently custom makes all the sausage links from Bogusia's long held traditional family recipes. They take pride in offering special Polish dishes using 75 percent locally grown vegetables and their meats are always grass fed, free range, hormone & antibiotic free. While sausages are plenty familiar to local diners, other Eastern European specialties haven't been seen in Talent since 2000.

"Bogusia learned the trade at her aunt's establishment near the Baltic Sea in northern Poland. The name honors her father, who died two years ago but loved visiting the Rogue Valley periodically, she says. Julek's menu will reflect the food of Antczak's childhood before convenience items changed the way people dined..
"I believe in very simple dishes, very old dishes," she says. That means goulash, patties, pierogi — dumplings stuffed with potato, meat or cheese — and various preparations of cabbage.
"I will be using a lot of cabbage — fresh cabbage and sour cabbage," says Antczak. 'I'm really focused on doing healthy.'"

Julek's also will serve local wines and Imported Polish beers "I want to know what customers think," she says.
(Excerpts from article run in Mail Tribune by Food Editor Sarah Lemon on September 5, 2012)




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160 N Pacific Hwy

Suite #4

Talent, OR

541 897 4444


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