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Wigilia - Christmas Eve Celebration



Our seventh annual Wigilia is coming up, and we are so excited!

Wigilia is the biggest night of the year in Poland, and we love sharing our family's traditions with all of you here in Oregon. To honor the old tradition, we combine all of our tables, so that strangers, friends and families alike come together and share this evening hand in hand with laughter, friendship and live music.

Wigilia is a feast featuring a variety of prepared fish, and vegetarian specialites. Many of these courses are only made for the Wigilia supper, to keep their authenticity and specialness never ending.

12 courses range from appetizers to entrees to desserts, and you are sure to leave well-fed and satisfied when the wonderful feast comes to an end.


This unforgettable evening begins at 5 for everyone to find their seats and order a beverage, with supper being served at 6.


Reservation only, RSVP by December 18th

($20 deposit for each attendee required by December 18th to secure your spot! cash or check please)

Call 541-897-4444 to reserve your seat today!



$78 per adult (beverages not included)

$40 for kids 12 and younger (beverages not included)


Thinking of Christmas gifts? Treat your loved ones to this special night they will remember and cherish for a lifetime!


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